What size door can be made?

Any size – all doors are made to order to fit the finished opening.

How much headroom is required?

320mm for Standard Headroom Installation ( preferable )

220mm for Low Headroom Installation

What maintenance will be required?

Lubricate all moving parts – hinges, wheels, springs with WD40 or TAC2 every 6 months. Wash down door panels with warm, soapy water and soft brush 3 – 4 times per year.

What size should the rebate in concrete floor be?

100mm back from the inside of framing or block and 100mm wider sideways then framing (see “Builders Fixing Details”)

What is the difference between Coloursteel and Powdercoat?

Coloursteel is pre-coated steel which is then formed into the panel shape in a limited colour range. They are all light grey on the inside.

Powdercoated Steel doors are formed first, then electrostatically applied powder is the baked and fused onto the steel surface. There is a very large colour range and the colour is the same on both sides of the door panel.

What are the different types of door operating systems?

  1. Sectional Doors – door panels that lift vertically upwards around a curved track. On a typical standard height door there are 4 panels high.
  2. Roller Doors – coloursteel profiled curtain that rolls around drumwheels. Ideal for manual operation
  3. Tilt Door – single one piece door section that tilts outwards and lifts back into the garage on a horizontal track.