Insulated Garage Doors

If an insulated garage door is what you are looking for, Doors 2000 have created the ideal solution.

In colabiration with InsulPro we can now now offer an insulation system to our complete door range with the following features features and benefits :

  • N.Z made by N.Z owned and operated company
  • Manufactured from re-cycled plastic bottles so is good for the enviroment
  • High "R" value and Acoustic properties
  • Complies with new Building Code fire performance requirements in New Zealand and Australia (tested to ISO9705)
  • BRANZ appraised
  • Safe - made from the same material that most duvets and pillows are made from (100% polyester)
  • No harmful formaldehyde glues used in manufacture
  • Warm to touch as opposed to steel that has a cold "feel"
  • No risk of delamination or panel bending as insulation is free to move within the panel cavity

For further information on specifications please visit the InsulPro website

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